Free Online Beat Maker

Looking for an online beat maker?  We can help you to get the right one for you.  There are a ton of free online beat makers on the market but when it comes down to it most of them are not very good at making rap beats.

If you want a beat maker that will have the features that are need to make quality rap beats then you are going to have to spend a little money.  But don't worry because some of them are actually very affordable.

Our #1 Recommended Online Beat Maker - BTV Solo

This software really has it all and the price is so cheap.  You can make your own beats and then export them as MP3's.  It comes fully stocked with thousands of professionally mastered sounds to use in your beats and even gives you a tutorial on music production so you can sharpen up your beat making skills.  This beat maker offers everything you will need to get started making beats today.

Get Your Copy of BTVSolo Now

Another great free online beat maker is Fruity Loops.  This software offers a free trial so you can try it out before you buy it.  It offers all the features you need to start making hot hip hop beats now.  It is more expensive then Sonic Producer which is why we gave that software the #1 ratings.  Fruity Loops is actually used by some of the top beat makers in the industry so it is sure to fit your needs as well.

There are many other great beat makers online but these two are the top of the list.  Many of the other programs are very expensive and offers features that you will most likely never use in creating your rap beats.  Don't overspend when you do not have to.  Also many of the free online beat makers will let you make beats online but then you do not have to option to export them.  What the point of making great beats if you can't export them and play them for others or lay raps down to?

So do not wait any longer and go out and get your own online beat maker and start making those hot beats today.