Learn How To Make Rap Beats

There are a couple of things you are going to need to be able to make your own rap beats. You will need software to make the rap beats on and there are also some beat making tools you will need.

If you are just staring out and do not want to purchase any tools, like an Akai MPC, there are software programs that will allow you to make rap beats with just the software.

Our #1 Recommended Beat Making Software -
BTV Solo - The most comprehensive software to make rap beats on your computer.  It comes with professionally mastered sounds so the beats you make sound like they were produced in a studio.  BTV Solois the only piece of equipment you need these days to start making rap beats on your own.

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Sonic Producer Pro
Easy to use software that lets you start making your own beats today.  Export your tracks and start adding your own lyrics.

Music Producer Pro - A great starting place for anyone new to making rap beats. Over 14 videos, 20 audio lessons and more to help you start making beats now.

Acid Pro - This software will allow you to create a rap beat without any other tools. You can compose beats using their standard sounds which include: drums, bass, percussions, guitar, saxophone and several others. It also comes with tools which allow you to change the pitch of sounds or vocals, add an echo and delays and many other more sophisticated tools. You can also add your own sounds and beats if you have stand alone devices to make them. It is a great program for making beats.

Fruity Loops - This is another great software for making rap beats. This program is what rap producer 9th Wonder used to make the track "Threat" for Jay-Z's Black Album. If you want a more sophisticated beat software that is easy to use and can be learned quickly this is the program for you. It has everything that Acid Pro has and more. If you want to make rap beats quickly, than this is the software you NEED to get now.

Beat Making Software

If you are looking to make rap beats that are professional sounding using tools than there are a couple that you will want to look into.

Akai MPC - Used by all the big name producers (Dr Dre has 5 of them) and a must have.

M Audio Trigger Finger - A relatively new tool that has the industry attention.

Roland Fantom - The best keyboard out there for making rap beats.

Ensoniq ASR-10 - A great alternative to the Roland Fantom

Korg Triton - Another great keyboard with all the tools you need.

Rap Beat Maker Tools