Fruity Loops 5

Fruity Loops 5 is one of the top rap beat maker software programs on the market. 

Fruity Loops 5

Many top rap producers use it to make their beats.  It is great for making drum loops and allows you to make a song using nothing but the Fruity Loops 5.0 software.  Songs can then be exported as a wav, mp3 or midi file and then put on a CD.

FL Studio comes with a piano, guitar and keyboard synthesizers.  It comes with hundreds of preloaded sound effects and all the tweaking tools you need.  FL Studio 5.0 is by far the most versatile virtual music studio available for your PC.

Fruity Loops has long been known as a "hidden gem" among music producers but has now stated to become a very well know music creation tool.  Because of its ease of use it has become a favorite among the beat making community.  You will be able to start making beats within minutes of operating the software. 

You will not be left wondering how to use Fruity Loops which is refreshing because some of the beat programs out their are overly complex and hard to use.  Fruity Loops troubleshooting is also easy since it comes with a great manual.

Best Features:

It only costs $49 or $99 depending on the version

Contains a piano keyboard