Free Rap Instrumentals Beats

When making beats, getting free rap instrumentals is always a top priority.  In order to lay down the lyrics that you have you need a rap beat to record them over.  There are several places that offer free rap instrumentals beats and there are also some great paid sites also.

You can find many free rap beats by simply searching for them in the search engines.  However, most of the free hip hop instrumentals that you find won't be very good.  Like they say, you get what you pay for.

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money then you will have much better luck in your search for rap instrumentals.  The top choice is Beats 365.  They offer over 100,000 rap instrumentals for a one time fee.  You pay once and you then get to continually download free rap instrumentals.

Free Hip Hop Instrumentals Beats

If you want to get free hip hop instrumental beats then you best option may be to make them yourself.  For a great guide on making rap beats check out the Rap Beats Manual at make rap beats.

You get an extensive guide on how to make rap instrumentals and you also get videos showing you step by step how to start making beats.  Once you learn the basics you can then make all the free rap beat instrumentals that you want and you will never have to pay for them!

Those are the best ways to start making free hip hop instrumentals.  You can also sharpen your beat making skills and then start selling your free rap instrumentals beats also.