Free Beat Maker Software

There are many options when it comes to getting free beat maker software.  Although, we should mention that you usually get what your pay for.  But you can start making rap beats with some of the free rap beat making software out there.

Once you get started making some beats and get comfortable with the process, then it is recommended that you upgrade to a move advanced program that will let you produce studio quality beats.

Our #1 Recommended Beat Maker Software -
BTV Solo - Let's be beat maker software is free because it usually has very little features and makes beats that sound terrible.  If you want to step your beat making game up then get BTV Solo.  It is very cheap and comes with professionally mastered sounds so your beats come out sounding like they were mastered in a studio.  This tool is all you need.

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One of the most popular beat makers out there is Fruity Loops software.  Many top rap beat producers use Fruity Loops to make their beats and you can get a free trail version and use the free beat making software to make some basic beats.  You will get many more options with the paid version compared to the no cost one.

Another free rap beat maker is the Beatcraft software.  Again you will be limited to what kind of beats you can make but it is still an ok software program to get started with. 

Free Beat Making Software Alternatives

If you want to spend a little money and skip the free beat maker software the best choices are to go with Acid Pro software or Reason.  These two programs will give you all the options that you will need to start making professional rap beats now.

Reason 3 by Propellerheads is by far one of the most popular beat making programs on the market and will usually cost around $400 or more. Again, you get what you pay for so this program will give you the best tools for starting to make rap beats on your own.

A lower priced alternative is Acid Pro which can be bought for around $200 or less.  The beat making software will also give you the tools you need but isn't geared towards making rap beats as much as Reason is.

So there you have it.  A couple options for making free rap instrumentals with  free beat maker software and also some paid versions.