Make Your Own Free Hip Hop Beats

If you are looking to make your own free hip hop beats then we can help you out.  Many people want to make their own rap beats to rap to and showcase their skills.  However, most sites charge pretty high fees for buying their hip hop beats.

The best way to get free hip hop beats is to make your own.  That way you do not have to worry about any copyright laws or need to pay a producer when you use their beat.  Making your own hip hop beats is really not that difficult.  A great place to start is a great how-to guide on making rap beats from  They show you how to start making your own hip hop beats quickly and easily.

If you need software to make your beats then our top pick is Sonic Producer Pro which lets you start making beats right on your computer.  It is easy to use and lets you export your beats so you can start using them with your own lyrics.

If you still need more tips on making your own beats then take a look at our guide on how to make your own rap beats.  It will show you everything you need to know on how to make your own free hip hop beats.

Learn How To Make Rap Beats

Welcome to the new blog.  Here we will be featuring beat making tutorials from some of the top hip hop producing around.  Stay tuned as the firts tutorial will be ready in about 1 week.

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