Which Beat Making Software is the Best?

There are a ton of beat making software programs on the market today. To be honest, most of it is junk.  However, there are couple great rap beats maker programs out there that make it incredibly easy to make your own rap beats.

Below you will find a list of several of the most popular programs you can use to start making rap beats right on your own computer. All of them offer tons of features and include everything you could want for getting started producing music.

Our #1 Recommended Beat Making Software -
BTV Solo - While most beat making software ends up creating lousy beats, BTV Solocomes with professionally mastered sounds so your beats come out sounding like they were produced in a studio.  If you are looking to make beats on your computer then this is the software you need.

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Sonic Producer Pro
Easy to use software that lets you start making your own beats today.  Export your tracks and start adding your own lyrics.

Music Producer Pro
Over 14 beat making videos, 20 audio lessons and a ton more, this is a must have. You will be making crazy rap beats in less than an hour

If you are looking to make rap beats then you need a beat making software program that is made for Rap Beat Making not rock music or pop music! It comes with 1100 Hip Hop samples and loops perfect for constructing your own original track! The best part is - it's easy!

This new software includes 1100 various beats, melodies, chords and tracks from a variety of musical instruments and sounds. You can build your song as you go by "dragging and dropping" instruments and sounds into the song creator window. Record Producer comes equipped with an "Instrument editor" and "Effects machine" so you can customize your songs even further. Hip Hop Record Producer also allows for microphone import so your track is created and constructed by you, and your voice can be heard as well!! This program is easy to use and you'll be making music in minutes. As your talent grows, the Hip Hop Record Producer will grow with you!

Best Beat Maker Software

Sony Acid Pro
If you want a real basic program then Acid Pro is a great choice for beat maker software. Its very easy to use and you can learn it in a couple of hours. The program has everything you need to make hip hop beats and is pretty straight forward to use. To help you get started view our Acid Pro tutorial.

Fruity Loops 5
If you are going to make more complex beats or if you want more options then Fruity Loops is the best software out there. They have a free rap beat maker demo version.  The paid version has everything you could want and can make real, professional beats. It is great for making drum loops and songs can be exported as a wav or MIDI file. Its actually what beat producer 9th Wonder uses. In case you didn't know, he produced "Threat" for Jay-Z's Black Album.

Pro Tools
One of the worlds most respected, not to mention most used, Pro Tools gives you the combination of award winning recording, mixing and editing capabilities.

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