Rap Beat Producer -Tools the Producers Use

Have you ever wondered what your favorite rap beat producer used to make their hits? I know I have. Well, we have done a little research and compiled a list of what tools and software they used. Better yet, just click on the tools listed and it will give you more info on the tools and let you know how you can get your hands on them.

Hip Hop music producers use a variety of tools to make their rap beats. Check out the list below to see who uses what.

Producer  Tracks Tools
Dr Dre Numerous MPC 3000, Pro Tools
Neptunes    Numerous    ASR-10, Roland, Korg Triton
Ron Browz  "Ether" - Nas Roland Fantom, Akai MPC2000
9th Wonder "Threat" - Jay-Z Fruity Loops
Big KO  D-12, 50 Cent MPC 3000, MPC2000XL
Cool & Dre  "Hate it or Love it" - The Game ASR 10
Amadeus Cam'ron MPC2000XL, Motif Rack, Fantom
Digga "Many Men"-50 Cent, "Dopeman"-Jay-Z MPC1000, Roland 2080, Triton

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